II International Seminar "Control Theory and Theory of Generalized Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations" (CGS'2015)

Yekaterinburg, April, 2015
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1—3 April 2015
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from 11 Dec 2014 till 1 Feb 2015
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Academician A.I. Subbotin (February 16, 1945 – October 14, 1997) is an outstanding scientist in the area of mechanics and control processes. He has made  fundamental contributions to development of the mathematical theory of optimal guaranteed control. A.I. Subbotin is one of the founders of the theory of positional differential games. He has created the theory of minimax (generalized) solutions of first-order PDEs. His numerous followers are conducting researches in the field of the theory of minimax solutions for Hamilton-Jacobi equations and applications to optimal guaranteed control problems.



The Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (IMM) named after N.N. Krasovskii of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (UrBRAS) and the Ural Federal University (UrFU) named after the First President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin are organizing the Second International Seminar "Control Theory and Theory of Generalized Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations" (CGS'2015) dedicated to the 70thanniversary of Academician Andrei Izmailovich Subbotin. It will be held from April,1 to April, 3, 2015.



The seminar will take place in Ekaterinburg. The city of Ekaterinburg is one of the largest administrative, industrial, cultural, and scientific centers of Russia. It is situated in a picturesque area of the Urals close to the border between Europe and Asia.




It is planned to discuss the present state of control theory and theory of generalized solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations.



Scopes of the seminar include the following topics.


·               Generalized solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

·               Control of dynamic systems under conditions of conflict and uncertainty

·               Problems of estimation and identification in dynamic systems

·               Inverse problems and distributed control systems

·               Numerical algorithms for constructing solutions of optimal control problems and boundary value problems for Hamilton-Jacobi equations.


The seminar program is expected to include plenary reports (30 minutes), session presentations (20 minutes) and posters.  Some of plenary reports of foreign participants will be held via videoconference.


The work of the seminar will be organized in the following sessions

1) The Theory of Optimal Control

2) The Theory of Hamilton — Jacobi Equations

3) Application of the Control Theory and the Theory of Hamilton — Jacobi Equations



The working languages of the CGS’2015 seminar are Russian and English.




Publication of abstracts of the seminar is being planned.

Update: 13/01/2015
в начало

Program committee

Co-chairmen:     V.I. Berdyshev (Russia),

                             V.E. Tretjakov (Russia)



A.A. Azamov (Uzbekistan)

V.V. Kozlov (Russia)

M. Bardi (Italy)

A.B. Kurzhanski (Russia)

M.T. Basar (USA)

Yu.S. Ledyaev (Russia)

R.V. Gamkrelidze (Russia)

V.P. Matveenko (Russia)

V.Ya. Caferov (Turkey)

M.S. Nikolskii (Russia)

A.G. Chentsov (Russia)

Yu.S. Osipov (Russia)

F.L. Chernousko (Russia)

L.A. Petrosyan (Russia)

A.A. Chikrii (Ukraine)

E.S. Polovinkin (Russia)

F.H. Clarke (France)

N.Kh. Rozov (Russia)

M. Falcone (Italy)

N.N. Subbotina (Russia)

R.V. Gamkrelidze (Russia)

V.M. Tikhomirov (Russia)

E.S. Gorkunov (Russia)

A.A. Tolstonogov (Russia)

N.L. Grigorenko (Russia)

V.N. Ushakov (Russia)

Kh.G. Guseinov (Turkey)

S.N. Vasilyev (Russia)

F.M. Kirillova (Belarus)

M.I. Zelikin (Russia)


V. I. Zhukovskii (Russia)

Update: 13/01/2015
в начало

Organizing committee

Co-chairmen: N.N. Subbotina, V.N. Ushakov

Secretary: L.G. Shagalova



M.O. Asanov

M.I. Gusev

A.F. Kleimenov

E.A. Kolpakova

V.V. Kruzhaev

A.S. Lakhtin

M.I. Loginov

N.Yu. Lukoyanov


V.I. Maksimov

V.E. Pak

V.S. Patsko

V.G. Pimenov

O.N. Starikova

G.S. Shelementyev

A.M. Tarasyev

T.B. Tokmantsev








Institute of Mathematics & Mechanics named after N.N.Krasovskii of UrB of RAS,

S. Kovalevskaya str., 16

Ekaterinburg, Russia,



e-mail: cgs15@imm.uran.ru

web site: http://cgs15.imm.uran.ru/

Fax: +7 (343)3742581

Update: 13/01/2015
в начало

Abstract submission

Abstract up to 2 pages (tex and pdf files) should be submit on this web site. Abstract should be prepared in LaTeX using the special template provided below. Please name all the files (*.tex, *.pdf and the figures) using the author surname and initials (speaker) (e.g. IvanovI.tex and IvanovI.pdf for the abstracts by Ivan I. Ivanov).

All files must be packaged into one *.rar or *.zip file. Figures should also be included in this archive.

Example of an abstract: exampleeng.zip

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Book of abstracts

Book of abstracts: CGS-2015.pdf

Update: 01/04/2015
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